Medicare, Obamacare, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance: What We Can Do For YOU

Welcome. This page is updated as of May 1, 2017… and subject to more updates as Congress and the Trump Administration tackle the Health Insurance needs of our country.

Prior to this update, we had listed Obamacare first as due to the numbers of people qualifying for this insurance and the fact we cold work with clients nationally, it was our priority.  With all of the conditions surrounding under age 65 insurance, we have shifted our focus to MEDICARE.

For all practical purposes, we have further limited this practice to areas of Western PA where we can physically and personally meet our clients.     We do continue however to support our existing book of business. in FL and other states.

Please see our page specific to the discussion of Medicare. CLICK HERE

For those site visitors interested in additional information and information specific to Allegheny County and PA such as the Pennsylvania PACE program.  we have established a special unique site. CLICK HERE TO VISIT.


Under age 65 ALTERNATIVES TO “Obamacare type” HEALTH INSURANCE

There are two options available to those who are not enrolled in an Obamacare plan. These are short term plans and faith-based plans.

Both have limitations on coverage and essentially some form of underwriting. Coverage is not automatic or guaranteed.

Neither qualify for federal financial help or meet minimum essential coverage requirements.

Short-term plans do not exempt the owner from the penalties of not having coverage under Obamacare plan rules.

Faith-based plans generally will qualify for a penalty exemption.

 If this alternative might interest you, take 5 minutes to get to know what’s available. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE PDF FILE.


Short term plans ARE like the “old” (preObamaCare) health insurance and can cover a person for a year. Because they are health insurance but not compliant with Obamacare Rules, having one does not exempt you from the fine for not having insurance.  They require underwriting, have caps on the max benefits paid, and have other limitations. Because of the caps and limitations (such as no maternity), the costs, while not cheap, are lower than some of the ACA or Obamacare Plans if you do not get a subsidy.  Contact me in person by phone, or use the form on the website to reach me.

DENTAL and Other Ancillary Plans

We have a broad range of dental plans, as well as other plans such as critical illness and hospital indemnity which help cover deductibles and copays.   Please contact me for a discussion of current offerings.