The New Leech Insurance

EFFECTIVE May 1, 2016, Leech Insurance has moved to Pittsburgh, Pa. (new ph: 412 436 0104 ). All licenses have been terminated except Pa where we hold a new RESIDENT license. Concurrent with license terminations, all insurance company appointments are ended.

AS soon as possible, we will resume operations, limiting operations to the state of Pa. and the life insurance and senior health insurance fields, with the exception of  short term and indemnity and dental plans.  These limitations have basically come about because of Obamacare.

What follows below is a historical reference of who we have been. Of course we remain available to all past clients for help and consultation but will not be able to renew a policy without first getting licensed and appointed in your state.

Effective Jan 1, 2016 , Leech Insurance is renamed Leech
Insurance and Financial Services, In Line with What We Do

We Will Have 5 Principal Divisions

  • Health Insurance and Related Products
  • Wealth Protection Products and Services. Emphasis on LIFE INSURANCE
  •  Information and Public Service Division

Each Division Will Have A Principal Page Describing Services and How To Access Them

Access Each Division by Clicking The Division Name


This is our principal page for strictly life insurance and where you can get a “self done” quote and apply.  For more detail and discussion also see our Wealth Page.


From this point forward, our primary emphasis is on the Senior Market, offering services year round.

Previous clients in the under 65 market will continue to be served, but no activity toward new client acquisition will be done.

3  For those with group or employer coverage.. new Jan 2016!

We offer a new program where employers can provide   benefits on top of the group plan you may have that reimburses members 75% of expenses NOT covered by the group plan. This is at NO COST to the employer! In fact, they also gain from some expense reduction. We all know what deductibles cost! For information CLICK HERE.


Wealth protection (and creation) will  focus on  wealth protection and creation products. All age groups are represented.

5  INFORMATION AND PUBLIC SERVICE (page under development)

Both subjects can be confusing, and our goal is to provide information to consumers so that they can have a full array of information on which to base intelligent choices, fully understanding options.

Our goal and mission as you view our page is to make this simple, uncluttered, easy to navigate and to above all, serve your needs.

WE ARE LOCATED in Estero, FL, and conduct business principally out of an office in our residence and at the offices and residences of our clients, by appointment only. We can be reached 24-7 at 321 821 5394, or email at

(We are a Division of Leech Enterprises. Click HERE for Leech Ent)