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Health Insurance Options for you in 2017 Starting NOW

Obamacare, or health insurance for people under age 65 is listed first because there’s more “of you” than there are Seniors.  You care about one thing: What can we do for you to help you with Affordable Health Insurance.

Rule #1: If you can get someone else to pay for a part of it, that’s a good deal.  This is your first place to go.  Unfortunately so many of the firms we represent have dropped out of the marketplace we need to use a 3rd party that is with those that remain.  To see if you might qualify for help, and how much that is, CLICK HERE.


Some of our visitors to this page are either completely opposed to the fact they MUST sign up for insurance, or face a fine  OR they don’t qualify for financial help and the cost of a conventional plan is way outside the budget.      There is an alternative plan and it provides help in medical issues AND frees you from any liabilities to be fined.

These plans are available year round and not only in open enrollment. In addition, after a waiting period, maternity is covered.

I have a 6 slide presentation that walks you through what this is about, so if this alternative might interest you, take 5 minutes to get to know what’s available. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE PDF FILE.


Short term plans ARE like the “old” (preObamaCare) health insurance and can cover a person for a year. Because they are health insurance but not compliant with Obamacare Rules, having one does not exempt you from the fine for not having insurance.  They require underwriting, have caps on the max benefits paid, and have other limitations. Because of the caps and limitations (such as no maternity), the costs, while not cheap, are lower than some of the ACA or Obamacare Plans if you do not get a subsidy.  Contact me in person by phone, or use the form on the web site to reach me.

2017 ACA (Obamacare) Plan Info and Availability

As of Oct 25, announced the plans that will be available for 2017.  Many of our directly appointed providers are no longer offering plans in many areas, but we still can help you through a collateral provider and bring you plans similar to what you  are familiar with.

For our web site to help you, including subsidy information, CLICK HERE.

We’ll also be offering short term plans and a faith-based plan. Information on this will be posted here within a week.

Call me if you have questions.


About Term Life Insurance Quotes…some basics

Since changing focus from Health insurance to Life Insurance and speaking with 6-15 people daily, mainly those seeing a quote and “shopping”, some obvious trends and ideas people hold have become clear. This post is to set the facts straight.

First, what people want is a close and firm number as possible to make a decision.

Here’s two facts:

  1. From any one insurance company, for any given policy type, issued under the same medical conditions for the applicant, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE IN PRICE.

2.  A quote may be provided by a sales agent but it is at best an estimate of where the applicant will fit. It looks at ht, wt, age, and smoking status,  and possibly a general health picture. The sales agent then consults the various quoting references and offers a number.

Depending on the criteria the agent applied, that number can easily vary +/-10  or even 20 percent, leaving the applicant wondering “what’s going on?”, hoping for the best and lowest, and starting the application.

The process starts, and in many cases “locks up” the applicant. In way too many cases, the agent in this cut-throat, competitive business, will offer the lowest price.  Sometimes to get there, they will use valid health criteria but turn to a B rated company (vs A or A+) and the applicant does not even know to ask”what’s the rating of that company?”

Let’s say the quotes are all A or A+ companies. The application is taken, and is processed, returning to the prospect (YOU?) the final and official and ONLY GOOD number.  In over 50% of the cases, the applicant (YOU) is displeased, but accepts that number and the contract.  Why?  Because the process of applying is not enjoyable; a new application may require a new paramed.

Half my peers.. I call them “scum agents” to this regularly, and get away with it.  I will not lowball you.

Do you want max protection and get real numbers? Then apply with 2 or more companies. It costs nothing to apply.

Other tips: Make sure you are being quoted on the policies with the same features and benefits.

For any given amount of benefit, there may be savings by using a combination of different products.. see our main PAGE (not post).

If all agents offer the same price for the same given product,  how do you know what to do or how to have the best for your money? The answer is first shop with an agent who you feel might be trustworthy, and then second, who can offer and show you  a comparison of companies and rates… not just an agent with only 1 or 2 choices.

Thank you for reading.  Your comments to this post are welcome.


The Latest News in “under 65” Health Insurance

The “bottom line” is that a large number of Health Insurance companies no longer sense a need for agents. People are going to come to them on their own, generally via the internet, self enrollment on health, and other sources.  Obmacare has standardized benefits to a degree most of the plans seem to the consumer to be identical, and the  only differentiating factors now are price/cost and network composition.

Insurance companies feel they can more defectively  sell a plan based on price, and the only way to reduce price is to cut costs in some place they can control.

Agent commissions are one such place, and two national companies, Assurant and Golden Rule have done just that, cutting commissions to zero.  Others will probably follow.

As such, Leech Insurance, being a firm whose primary revenue has been commission based,  can no longer invest time to pursue new ACA or under 65 business.  We will continue to support educational knowledge for those  wanting help in making a selection, and  of course,  will remain here to support existing clients with customer service issues.

At the same time,  we recognize that health insurance covers only one part of the financial burden in the event of a need for medical attention, particularly in a long term recovery situation.  We will continue to offer ancillary products such as Critical Illness, supplemental accident plans and others.

We appreciate your business and understanding.

Our thrust now is primarily toward the senior market.


What’s for “Leech Insurance” after open enrollment? An update for you

Probably many, many, many health insurance agents/brokers are asking the very same question.  Essentially as of the end of open enrollment, other than for the occasional person coming up on a Special Enrollment Period, we have been put out of business until the next one.


It would be nice to think we had jobs / businesses /careers that we could earn a nice living in only working 3-4 months a year, but I just don’t know of any individual agents that earned that kind of money during Open Enrollment.

Of course there’s always “ancillary” programs to offer such as Dental, critical illness, etc. and these are good… but the time barely covers expenses.

So with some strong market research and seeing what our training has provided us with for helping people, a vast parallel market literally jumped out at us.  This is in the area of personal retirement planning. It’s not that there’s that many people who have No retirement plan, but a ton who have a poor one that really is not going to let them be financially independent by the ago of 65.

We’ll start with you, anywhere in the nation, to discuss your circumstance and situation. There’s no charge for this service.  If you have a great plan, we’ll confirm this for you. If you don’t, we’ll be happy to provide a plan and proposal based on your individual circumstances. We’ll make it affordable and we’ll include your benefits  so you have an income tax free retirement plan, but if you qualify, also along the way we’ll make sure you have some living benefits so that if you get side tracked by a critical illness you have money to keep your plan up and live. We’ll give you the flexibility  so that if you have kids in, or approaching college, you’ll have a leg up in getting financial aid.

Anyway, this is the direction that Leech Insurance, now “Leech Insurance and Financial Services” is going, and if you’d like a little more specific information, CLICK HERE to visit our new web site,

See you there!


What do you do if you missed open enrollment (in Obamacare rules)

If you missed the open enrollment and you were eligible to enroll, and had not made any attempt and were not essentially int he category, “could not get through”, essentially you have had it! Sorry to be so blunt, but you get to pay the non enrollment fees until you do enroll which can and will come up in the 2014 fall open enrollment period..

BUT…. there’s some ways around this–specifically qualifying for one of the Special Enrollment Periods.  See for the official explanation.. but unofficially some are change of marital status (you got married or divorced), loss of illegibility for a group plan, major financial circumstance.

In the meantime… you don’t want to be “out there” literally bare naked from any help with medical expenses, and we understand that.

For you there are at least two options, both in the form of GOOD, but non qualifying plans which mean you can enroll.  They are not governed.  That’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that they have  limits or caps on benefits and they often are underwritten which means any pre existing conditions get consider. The two general plan types are defined benefit plans and short term plans. The defined benefit are most likely to be indemnity type plans where the short term are more conventional with a deductible, co pay. etc.

Don’t worry about trying to figure this all out now as I’ll be happy to explain your choices and provide quotes (this is a blog of an agency web site so I’m allowed to sound like “a plug”. If you want my help, send an email or call, 321 821 5394.  One of these can probably hold you until Open Enrollment.