The Latest News in “under 65” Health Insurance

The “bottom line” is that a large number of Health Insurance companies no longer sense a need for agents. People are going to come to them on their own, generally via the internet, self enrollment on health, and other sources.  Obmacare has standardized benefits to a degree most of the plans seem to the consumer to be identical, and the  only differentiating factors now are price/cost and network composition.

Insurance companies feel they can more defectively  sell a plan based on price, and the only way to reduce price is to cut costs in some place they can control.

Agent commissions are one such place, and two national companies, Assurant and Golden Rule have done just that, cutting commissions to zero.  Others will probably follow.

As such, Leech Insurance, being a firm whose primary revenue has been commission based,  can no longer invest time to pursue new ACA or under 65 business.  We will continue to support educational knowledge for those  wanting help in making a selection, and  of course,  will remain here to support existing clients with customer service issues.

At the same time,  we recognize that health insurance covers only one part of the financial burden in the event of a need for medical attention, particularly in a long term recovery situation.  We will continue to offer ancillary products such as Critical Illness, supplemental accident plans and others.

We appreciate your business and understanding.

Our thrust now is primarily toward the senior market.