What to Do If You Can’t Afford ObamaCare–or simply plan to refuse?

First, from the “street talk” I hear, you are not alone. The “talk” I hear seems to be split pretty evenly between those who simply can not afford the new plans, and those who for various personal grounds say words I can’t print here and still be polite and politically correct.

In both cases, I understand. There are those people who prior to Obamacare were living pay day to pay day and just barely making ends meet.. and that’s even working two jobs.

Ideally you recognize that it’s important to have some health care coverage, if nothing else but to give yourself some choices and options.  In a true emergency, very few hospitals or providers will let you die. A major hospital, particularly if it’s a “for profit” hospital and not a city hospital make stabilize you and transfer you to the local or closest hospital that takes those with no insurance or funds… but you probably will not be left to die.

If you have another medical problem that is not life threatening such as a bad earache, a sinus infection, or a broken arm, you may be turned away from certain private urgent care centers unless you can show a way to pay… in which case you have to find transportation to the closet place that takes “charity” cases.. and I hate to use that word.

To prevent that, you should have SOME kind of insurance or way to pay.

You also want to stay clean with the govt.

So step one, y ou decide in this year to eat the fine. It’s rather minimal, and a heck of a lot less than the cost of the insurance… but make sure you have checked out the bronze plans and your possible indemnity before you jump to a conclusion.

If after your check out, you find that you just can’t afford the metal Obamacare plan, you still have a couple options, generally in the type of plans known as Indemnity Plans. These do not qualify for major medical plans under Obamacare, but you will get help, and some of it is significant.  You may not care that you don’t have maternity or have a $2Mil cap, and you are not too concerned about not having pre existing coverage.

One of the plans we could show you and quote is the Assurant Health Access plan, and then there are the plans by FL Home as per this LINK. 

If you open it and it is vertical, your browser should have an option to rotate clockwise.

Rather than go without any help and losing all choices and pride, consider this as an option.

Contact us if you’d like further help. Joe, 321 821 5394