What do you do if you missed open enrollment (in Obamacare rules)

If you missed the open enrollment and you were eligible to enroll, and had not made any attempt and were not essentially int he category, “could not get through”, essentially you have had it! Sorry to be so blunt, but you get to pay the non enrollment fees until you do enroll which can and will come up in the 2014 fall open enrollment period..

BUT…. there’s some ways around this–specifically qualifying for one of the Special Enrollment Periods.  See http://healthcare.gov for the official explanation.. but unofficially some are change of marital status (you got married or divorced), loss of illegibility for a group plan, major financial circumstance.

In the meantime… you don’t want to be “out there” literally bare naked from any help with medical expenses, and we understand that.

For you there are at least two options, both in the form of GOOD, but non qualifying plans which mean you can enroll.  They are not governed.  That’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that they have  limits or caps on benefits and they often are underwritten which means any pre existing conditions get consider. The two general plan types are defined benefit plans and short term plans. The defined benefit are most likely to be indemnity type plans where the short term are more conventional with a deductible, co pay. etc.

Don’t worry about trying to figure this all out now as I’ll be happy to explain your choices and provide quotes (this is a blog of an agency web site so I’m allowed to sound like “a plug”. If you want my help, send an email or call, 321 821 5394.  One of these can probably hold you until Open Enrollment.