Health Insurance Options for you in 2017 Starting NOW

Obamacare, or health insurance for people under age 65 is listed first because there’s more “of you” than there are Seniors.  You care about one thing: What can we do for you to help you with Affordable Health Insurance.

Rule #1: If you can get someone else to pay for a part of it, that’s a good deal.  This is your first place to go.  Unfortunately so many of the firms we represent have dropped out of the marketplace we need to use a 3rd party that is with those that remain.  To see if you might qualify for help, and how much that is, CLICK HERE.


Some of our visitors to this page are either completely opposed to the fact they MUST sign up for insurance, or face a fine  OR they don’t qualify for financial help and the cost of a conventional plan is way outside the budget.      There is an alternative plan and it provides help in medical issues AND frees you from any liabilities to be fined.

These plans are available year round and not only in open enrollment. In addition, after a waiting period, maternity is covered.

I have a 6 slide presentation that walks you through what this is about, so if this alternative might interest you, take 5 minutes to get to know what’s available. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE PDF FILE.


Short term plans ARE like the “old” (preObamaCare) health insurance and can cover a person for a year. Because they are health insurance but not compliant with Obamacare Rules, having one does not exempt you from the fine for not having insurance.  They require underwriting, have caps on the max benefits paid, and have other limitations. Because of the caps and limitations (such as no maternity), the costs, while not cheap, are lower than some of the ACA or Obamacare Plans if you do not get a subsidy.  Contact me in person by phone, or use the form on the web site to reach me.